Our Mission~Vision~Values~Beliefs        

Mission –  To support and empower our member so their businesses can be the best they can be; and give back to our community through service and donations to key charities in the Gainesville, Fl. area

Our Vision – To grow in numbers and faith and see all the businesses in our area prosper.

Our Values - Honesty and integrity define us.

Our Beliefs – That God has a plan for us all.

JBG Members are business owners, salespeople, and other professions and trades.


                              We Welcome Visitors!


      We meet every other Tuesday from 12:00 noon till 1:00pm at the Family Life Center on the west side of Westside Baptist Church. 

Westside Baptist Church

10000 West Newberry Road, Rm#206

Gainesville, FL.  32606

We sometimes meet at a nearby restaurant for lunch - ask to join our email list or visit us on Facebook for latest plans.

Dues are collected and donated quarterly to a local charity . 

                   Monthly Dues are $35.00 per month. 


Please Make Dues Payable to Jonesville Business Group

Send To: Tim Goolsby

13607 NW 56th ave

Gainesville, FL 32653

Contact Tim Goolsby to learn about enrolling in e-Pay




If you’re interested in learning more about our group call Tim or join us for a meeting.

              We look forward to meeting you!

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